Poop Patrol Cleans Up

Steamboat Digs Dogs held our first Environmental Clean-Up event on March 12, 2017.  We picked up and removed dog waste in five popular parks and trails.  Over 940 piles, weighing 650 pounds, were picked up during one hour's time.  This event represents only the first step in our effort to create community-wide awareness in the importance of picking up after our dogs.

Dog waste is threatening our environment, but we can actually turn that threat around and make dog waste beneficial.  Steamboat Digs Dogs is committed to this cause.  We are developing a Pilot Program to compost the dog waste in our city.  Composted dog waste can be turned into renewable energy and a beneficial soil additive.

We can all do our part to reduce the threat to our environment, landfills and atmosphere.  Want to help?  Simply switch to biodegradable bags when picking up after your dogs.

Steamboat Digs Dogs is dedicated to keeping our parks and trails clean.  We will hold similar educational events on the importance of picking up dog waste.

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make our event a great success!  You can read more about it in the Steamboat Today.