We are a coalition of your neighbors who joined together to expand sanctioned off-leash areas across the Steamboat Springs community.


Our Mission

We work with the Police Department, Animal Control, the Department of Wildlife, the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the City Council in efforts to restore Steamboat's long-practiced lifestyle of recreating with our dogs in a voice and sight control manner at neighborhood parks and city trails.

The Parks and Recreation Commission may recommend to City Council temporary off-leash programs, areas, and times for Council approval. Such temporary approvals, if granted by the City Council, may be rescinded by the Council at its discretion.
— Sec 4-10e7 Steamboat Springs City Ordinance

What We've Achieved

  • We changed city ordinances that pertain to the treatment of dogs.
  • These changes allow dogs to play off-leash in the Yampa river.
  • We created protections for dogs left in motor vehicles.
  • Caregivers are prohibited from leaving pets in vehicles when temperatures exceed 70 degrees.
  • Dogs left in vehicles must have adequate water and shelter from the sun.
  • Unattended dogs in open-bed vehicles must be able to lay down and be given a protective resting surface.
  • Provisions sanction voice and sight control recreation in designated areas at parks and trails.
  • These areas will be recommended by the Parks and Recreation Commission and approved by Council.