Reducing the carbon paw print and administering to the needs of our environment is a main concern of the Steamboat Digs Dogs organization.

Steamboat Digs Dogs is dedicated to a more Eco-friendly environment for our dogs and the local wildlife.  We are working hard to educate our community on the importance of picking up after our dogs.  The EPA estimates that the average dog produces 275 pounds of waste per year.  As of 2017, there were an estimated 5,600 dogs living in Steamboat Springs.  This means our community produces 1.5 million pounds of dog waste in a year.  See more below.


Or environment is as delicate as it is strong.

What is the Damage?

  • Left alone, dog waste pollutes our ground water, our surface water, and our atmosphere.  
  • Dog waste can transmit parasites and infectious diseases. 
  • Dog waste creates unsanitary living conditions for people, dogs, and wildlife. 

What can We Do as a dog owner in our community to help remedy the situation?

  • Encouraging compliance by picking up after your dog.
    • Are you aware that under Steamboat Springs Municipal Code Ordinance 1913 - Chapter 4 - Animals: Sec. 4-12. - Non-removal of dog waste can result in the following fines. 1st $50, 2nd $75, 3rd $100, and 4th & ea. sub $/court. 
  •  Encouraging switching to BioBags--the fully compostable dog waste bags sold at Paws and Claws--is a great first start.