Return of Off-Leash Areas at Our parks and Trails.

Off-Leash recreation is a very important component to the health of our dogs and also to the enjoyment that care-givers experience in the relationships that we have with our dogs.  We are working to bring back the areas at our Parks and Trails that we have been using for decades.


Areas presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Steamboat Digs Dogs formed a list of suggested areas at our neighborhood parks and trails that provided the opportunity for users to remain in their neighborhood locations to recreate with their dogs.  This plan keeps the user group population spread-out across the community and prevents any one location from becoming over populated.  Managing the populations in this manner helps to prevent the park and trail surfaces from being over-damaged and prevents the neighborhoods from receiving too much vehicle traffic.

These are the areas we suggested:

  • Whistler Park (the school property and Mount Werner Water Property all year round, with the addition of Whistler park during the winter season)
  • River Creek Park
  • Fetcher Park (for small dogs)
  • Spring Creek Trail (small section of city owned property between the cabin and the pond)
  • Stehley Park and Butcherknife Trail (the area of park that is not groomed, located on the other side of the stream at the park entrance , accessed at the bridge)
  • Emerald Mountain Trails (including Lower Lupine, Howelsen Meadows, Overlook, Emerald Meadows, Blackmere Drive, Gasline Trail)



Areas being recommended by the Parks and Rec Commission to the City Council for trial use.

  • Whistler Park
  • Fetcher Park (for small dogs)
  • Stehley Park and Butherknife Trail (subject to leashing requirement when students come and go from school)
  • Blackmere Drive
Howelsen Meadows.JPG

Spring Creek Trail and the Lower Loops of Emerald Mountain are still under exploration.

Although the Parks and Rec Commission has not voted down the Spring Creek Trail area or the Lower Trails in the Bluffs/Meadows area of Emerald Mountain, there have been discoveries of issues that require further exploration.  These areas are currently tabled with The Parks and Rec Commission while this exploration proceeds.